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Stove Boards

  • Protect Your Floors From the Intense Heat, Hot Coals, Ashes and Soot That Wood Stoves Can Produce.
  • Use Stove Boards Under Other Heating Appliances Such as Kerosene, Gas and Electric Heaters.
  • Use a Stove Board/Hearth Extender to Protect Your Floor in Front of Your Fireplace.
  • C, UL, US Listed Stove Boards May Be Used as a Wall Shield to Protect Your Walls From Heat. Non-UL Stove Board May Not Be Used as Wall Shields.

  • Protect Your Floor/Carpet in Front of Your Fireplace.
  • UL Listing Your Assurance of Quality and Safety.
  • Versatile Black Color Compliments Many Decors.
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